May 29, 2009

And so I'm back...from Outer Space

Yes, I've finally gotten back to the blog and you'll be hearing more from me again now that I've recovered from a pretty remarkable experience at the 2009 Nashville Film Festival.

And it took Star Trek to get me inspired to write again.

I finally got to see J.J. Abrams reboot of the legendary franchise (note: I tried to get this for the festival, but got the Heisman hand from Paramount - mind you, I think it was likely due to concerns over the pic being finished in time, so I'm not really complaining) and I was impressed.

Abrams is quickly proving himself to be the go-to guy for CGI extravaganzas. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Abrams understands something that others fail to get - the special effects should enhance the story being told. They should not be the entire purpose of the story.

The other thing that impressed me is the way in which he paid perfect respect to the history of the franchise (there are some great in-jokes involving the entire cast leaning one way when the ship is hit and the infamous "Red Shirt") while creating a work that was uniquely his own.

I truly enjoyed myself, was on occasion actually moved a little bit, and - in a sign that you've won me over - I really wanted to sit right back down and catch the movie again as soon as it was over. I didn't (I'm not that big of a geek), but I wanted to.

This weekend is a great time to be a film-lover. Disney / Pixar's Up opens with some of the strongest reviews in ages and Sam Raimi returns to horror with Drag Me to Hell - also receiving strongly positive reviews.

I plan on catching both before the weekend is up (no pun intended) and would love to hear what you think.

Next post, I'll be discussing reaction to the controversial Cannes Film Festival and even more controversial awards.

Have a great weekend.

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